When the twoyearold

When the twoyearold Love to parents At this age it is easier to cope with children.

About years boys and girls reach in the development of that stage when the father and mother seem to them the most wonderful people on light.

They do a set of compliments to the parents, want in everything on them to resemble, do that they do, also to put on, use the same words and expressions in conversation.

When the twoyearold girl wants to sweep, imitating mother, it is attracted more by a brush.

But when the fiveyearold girl puts on in a mother's dress she wants to look as mother, and to feel as mother.

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The undivided

The undivided Undivided attention Undivided attention it not only visual or physical contact.

Both that, and another we will speak about them in chapter do not demand from parents of special efforts.

And the undivided attention demands.

The undivided attention demands time, and sometimes there is a lot of.

Sometimes it means that you should postpone the affairs when the teenager needs such attention.

Parents, as a rule, less all are inclined to go on the similar victims.

The undivided attention is such moment when your attention completely and undividedly belongs to your child and it feels sincerely favourite, realizes the importance and feels care, approval and respect of you.

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But here

But here Also does it it, putting into practice those principles which we already discussed: unconditional love, contact of an eye in eyes, a tender physical touch, close attention.

The need for it arises at the girl in two years, but with age it amplifies and becomes vital for full emotional development in years.

But here in what a problem: as the girl grows, the father feels more and more awkwardly, Trying to express her the love, especially at the age of years.

Then, when to it it is essential it is necessary, to the father everything more difficult and more painful openly to show the tender feelings, especially uncertainly he makes physical contact.

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Too tie some

Too tie some If you at once lift the thrown subject, the child considers that it is game for two, and it brings it into even bigger delight.

Therefore it is better to select the subjects thrown by it never at once.

Lower the child on a floor when he starts having a good time thus.

Tie its favourite toys to a bed a rope cm long in longer rope the child can get confused.

Too tie some toys to a carriage.

Of course, it is not pleasant to you that he throws out food on a floor.

But it will hardly start it doing before is sated.

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What form

What form What form of discipline the most suitable?

At the following meeting Tom told me: I remember a case, I was years old.

Even now to me offensively to remember it, and sometimes this reminiscence simply enrages me.

I unintentionally broke a window a ball; I awfully worried and even hid in the wood until mother found me.

It was so a shame to me, I remember how cried, I felt that behaved very badly.

When to the father returned from work, mother told him about a window, and he cut me.

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